Styling fuer Ihre Augenbrauen und Wimpern von BeautyLash
Styling fuer Ihre Augenbrauen und Wimpern von BeautyLash BeautyLash Augenbrauen Styling Gel Choco

BeautyLash eyebrow styling gel sand


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Give your eyebrow one gentle puff Color and protect it at the same time with natural Pflegestoffen

Be the eyebrows stressed And get one klare Kontur. So sind Deine Augenbrauen den ganzen Tag eindrucksvoll gepflegt. Das Augenbrauen Styling Gel kannst Du auch beim Sport und beim Schwimmen tragen, denn es ist wasserfest. Du kannst das Styling Gel auch zur dezenten Betonung Deiner Wimpern verwenden.



BeautyLash Eyebrow Styling Gel Sand

Brush a soft touch of color, care and brush.

Stressed eyebrows will be the perfect setting for your face and will put your eyes on the scene. With the BeautyLash Eyebrow Styling Gel, you can give your eyebrows a soft touch of color, brush them permanently in shape and maintain them at the same time.

 The eyebrows are emphasized and get a clear outline. So your eyebrows are impressively cared for all day. The eyebrow styling gel can also be worn during sports and swimming, as it is waterproof. You can also use the styling gel to emphasize your eyelashes.

The BeautyLash Eyebrow styling gel contains natural care products such as beeswax, which maintains the hair and keeps it supple. With UV filter.
The BeautyLash Eyebrow styling gel is available in 2 shades:

– Choco: for medium brown to dark brown brows
– Sand: for blonde to light brown brows

  1. Place the mascara brush on the lower edge of the brow, above the nasal root and gently brush the hair upwards obliquely.
  2. Do not press too hard, the product should not adhere to the skin but only on the hair;
  3. Continue until all hairs are covered with a hint of paint and brushed in form.
  4. For removing make-up, gently remove with water and a mild wash gel.


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